A new law, that has been introduced, requires us to inform you about usage of cookies on our web shop. Cookies are used everywhere and you cannot avoid them when browsing the internet because they ensure you a good experience. A shop could literally not function without the use of cookies. If you have any inquiries about what cookies are, or how they work, you can read more about cookies by clicking here!

When are cookies used?

We at are using cookies only while you are using the shop in order for the shop to work correctly - We use cookies, for example, to store the items you put into the basket while you’re shopping so they do not disappear when you click back and forth through all the different categories and products on this page. The cookie is there to remember your movement step by step and make it is possible for you to flip back and forth between pages very quickly as your browser stores the information and pages.

Is it possible to shop without using cookies?

The answer is both yes and no – In short, it is not easy to shop without the use of cookies, so why make it more difficult than it needs to be? - When you disable cookies, you get problems using the web shop and the rest of the Internet. Shopping for fishing tackle online without the use of cookies is similar to walking into a local fishing tackle shop and looking around with the lights off.

Do you use cookies to monitor me in any way?

We use no cookies for anything other than getting our web shop to work properly for you so you can buy fishing tackle quickly and easily. - There's no reason to be concerned.